Nanna’s Snack Apple Pie Breakfast Bowls

Serves 12  

12 Nanna’s Snack Apple Pies 

2 punnets raspberries 

2 punnets strawberries 

2 punnets blueberries  

1 punnet blackberries 

6 apples  

600g thick vanilla kefir yoghurt 

2 cups granola  

Freeze-dried berries, to garnish 


Prepare Nanna’s Snack Apple Pies according to packet instructions.  

Slice strawberries and apple, arrange over the warm pies with raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.  Sprinkle over the granola and serve with a generous dollop of vanilla kefir yoghurt.  Sprinkle with freeze-dried berries, to garnish. 


Nanna’s Snack Apple Pie Breakfast Bowls