Leader Mac and Cheese Burger

Makes 1 serve 

1 Leader Mac and Cheese Toppa 

Beef burger patty 

4 slices of pancetta 

1 brioche bun 

1 tbsp garlic sauce 

1 slice tinned pineapple 

Tomato sauce 

Sweet potato chips, to serve 


Prepare Leader Mac and Cheese Toppa according to packet instructions.  Keep warm.  

Fry burger patty until cooked through.  Fry pancetta until crispy. 

Gently toast the bun, spread base with garlic sauce.  Top with burger patty, crispy pancetta, pineapple and Mac and Cheese Toppa.  Spread tomato sauce onto the inside of the bun top, place on top and secure with a decorative skewer to serve. 


Leader Mac and Cheese Burger